See How Steven Spielberg Emulates Stanley Kubrick In 'A.I. Artificial Intelligence' [Video]

If you're more than a casual fan of either Steven Spielberg or Stanley Kubrick, then you likely know that the film A.I. Artificial Intelligence is basically a collaboration between the two filmmakers. Kubrick began working on the film in the 1970s and kept developing it through the 90s, mostly because he didn't believe technology would effectively allow him to create the lead character David in the way he wanted.

In 1995, Kubrick handed the project to Steven Spielberg, who would run with it starting in 1999 following the death of the iconic director behind The Shining, A Clockwork Orange and 2001: A Space Odyssey. However, when you look at some parts of A.I. Artificial Intelligence, it's almost as if Kubrick was looking over Spielberg's shoulder. There are some striking similarities in shots between the 2001 sci-fi film and Kubrick's previous work.

Watch the Steven Spielberg Stanley Kubrick side-by-side shot comparison after the jump.

Honestly, I'm not entirely convinced that some of these shots are inspired by Kubrick's previous work. While the comparison of the shots in the cars are pretty spot-on, and the shots of kids standing next to their parents' bed with a knife match up pretty well, some of the other shots feel like a stretch. For example, I don't think the two shots of Danny and David each sitting at a kitchen table feel like they should be included, and the dancing scenes also seem like a stretch too.

But most of these compared shots do have some visual similarities, and that's likely because Kubrick's style still shines in the movie due to all the work he did previously. Surely some storyboards from Kubrick's work on the film made it into Spielberg's take on the material, and what we have is a movie that has both the fingerprints of Kubrick and Spielberg, which is pretty damn cool.

Thanks to Candice Drouet for putting this together and Sploid for pointing it out.