'Jurassic World 2' Will Be A Parable For Animal Abuse

We won't see Jurassic World 2 hit theaters until the summer of 2018, but with production slated to start sometime next year, little tidbits about the sequel are starting to surface here and there. We know that the film directed by J.A. Bayona will be the second chapter in a trilogy, and it will be suspenseful and scary, with more animatronics brought in this time. But we probably shouldn't expect Sam Neill to return as Alan Grant.

However, Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow, who is producing the sequel, did recently reveal one thing we can expect: Jurassic World 2 will be a parable for animal abuse and experimentation. Find out more below.

Colin Trevorrow recently spoke with Spanish language news outlet El Mundo (via TIME), and here's what he had to offer for Jurassic World 2 details:

The dinosaurs will be a parable of the treatment animals receive today: the abuse, medical experimentation, pets, having wild animals in zoos like prisons, the use the military has made of them, animals as weapons.

Does that mean we'll get to see some kind of animal abuse PSA with a song by Sarah McLachlan? One can only hope. However, that's only one part of the film. Trevorrow adds, "The second part will be a very different movie that will explore new paths." And because of whatever this other path is, "For that reason, it was clear that it needed to be Bayona who would direct it, in order to have it grow and evolve with his very personal vision."

So if there's a parable about animal abuse here, could that have something to do with the open source dinosaur breeding story element that Trevorrow teased last summer shortly after Jurassic World hit theaters? Here's what the director said over a year ago:

[It will not be] just a bunch of dinosaurs chasing people on an island. That'll get old real fast...I feel like the idea that this isn't always going to be limited to theme parks, and there are applications for this science that reach far beyond entertainment. And when you look back at nuclear power and how that started, the first instinct was to weaponize it and later on we found it could be used for energy. And this isn't something necessarily that was in the book but is a seed that I wanted to plant in this movie, is that might be able to grow in more of these movies if they decide to make more of them, is: What if this went open source?

It's almost like InGen is Mac, but what if PC gets their hands on it? What if there are 15 different entities around the world who can make a dinosaur?' And Dr Wu says in the film, when he's warning Dr Masrani, 'We're not always going to be the only ones who can make a dinosaur.' I think that's an interesting idea that even if we don't explore fully in this film, there is room for this universe to expand. I shouldn't use the word universe, because people will think we're making a Jurassic World universe – we're not.

So maybe the animal abuse element comes from various companies creating their own dinosaurs and using them for their own devices. The question is what comes next? We've already seen two movies where the dinosaurs that people thought they had control over end up turning on their creators, and Trevorrow says they aren't just doing dinosaurs chasing people on an island again. So what will happen this time? Our guess is as good as yours.

Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard have been confirmed to return for Jurassic World 2, which is slated to arrive on June 22, 2018.