LEGO Ideas Turns Down 'Jurassic Park' And 'Short Circuit' Sets

Johnny 5 is dead and life didn't find a way. That might as well be what LEGO Ideas told fans when they announced that both proposed LEGO sets for Jurassic Park (seen here) and Short Circuit (seen here) were turned down by the official review board that decides which custom creations become mass produced LEGO sets.

So which LEGO Ideas creation won out against the Short Circuit and Jurassic Park LEGO sets? Find out after the jump.

First of all, while I like how adorably polite and sweet the participants in this video are, someone needs to figure out a way to make them seem not only more natural, but engaging. Sure, you don't need too flashy of a video to break people's hearts about which LEGO Ideas sets didn't get approved by the board, but it couldn't hurt to have them be a little better produced. But I digress.

The LEGO Ideas board chose the "Old Fishing Store" set to be the next one officially produced by LEGO. The video cites that this model is packed with play opportunity, and while it's a lovely set, I don't see how it has more play opportunity than a Jurassic Park set, or even the Jedi Council chamber set that also didn't make the cut. This one feels like a set made moreso for LEGO city builders and collectors than anything.

This is truly a bummer for fans who were hoping to build a LEGO version of the Visitor Center from Jurassic Park or a brick version of Johnny Five from Short Circuit. But maybe LEGO will introduce plans for a Jurassic Park set sometime in the future. They already have the license for Jurassic World, so it can't be too difficult to get the rights to manufacture toys for the original movie, right?