Zack Snyder Reveals 'Justice League' Sizzle Reel Packed With Behind-The-Scenes Footage

When our own Peter Sciretta visited the set of Justice League a months ago, director Zack Snyder and his team had an obvious mission: they were dead-set on getting the people who didn't care for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to get excited for the latest superhero team-up. Between that set visit and the footage screened at Comic-Con, we were seeing glimpses of a less serious-minded, more fun comic book movie, one with things like banter between characters and the occasional smile. So while I remain skeptical, I'm certainly willing to give the DC Extended Universe another shot. I like the DC comic book world too much to become completely disinterested! And despite not caring for Batman v Superman, I still enjoy most of Zack Snyder's movies and think that he may have a terrific Justice League movie lurking inside of him.

So, does a new sizzle reel of behind-the-scenes footage from the film alter my thoughts at all? Will it alter yours? Let's answer that question right now!

Snyder revealed the new Justice League sizzle reel on his Twitter feed to commemorate the final day of shooting in the U.K. and anyone looking for specific plot or character details will be disappointed. There is little actual footage from Justice League on display here. However, as far as behind-the-scenes montages go, this is a good one. See actors enduring grueling fitness regimens to transform themselves into superheroes! Witness people having a grand 'ol time as they're thrown across rooms covered with green screens! Watch Jason Momoa accidentally drop his Aquaman trident and steal Wonder Woman's sword so he can charge at an invisible enemy!

Honestly, there are two moments in this sizzle reel that interest me more than the bombastic action beats: a quick shot of the entire Justice League riding in an elevator together and a glimpse at a sequence where the team is exploring some kind of decrepit and cavernous building. One of the great sins of Batman v Superman is that none of the superheroes in the movie ever had anything interesting to say to one another. Even the grand climax, when Wonder Woman joins the fray, is just a whole lot of punching. What's the point of a team-up movie unless we can watch these various personalities bounce off one another in fun and surprising ways? Just seeing Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, and Cyborg in close proximity is exciting stuff, especially since you just know they'll have to actually talk to each other.

Justice League is set for a November 17, 2017 release.