Cool Stuff: More 'Star Wars' Furniture Than You Can Shake A Lightsaber At

There has been no shortage of Star Wars merchandise for decades now. Just this past weekend brought a slew of new toys in honor of the forthcoming release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and along with that comes a bunch of general Star Wars merchandise to shelves. Hot on the heels of the recently revealed R2-D2 coffee press, a batch of Star Wars-themed furniture has made its way online. From a TIE Fighter desk to an X-Wing double bed to an AT-AT book shelf, there's some awesome Star Wars furniture that you can get for your home.

First, here's some new Star Wars furniture from Rooms To Go Kids:

Even though this stuff is for kids, there are obviously some adults who would love to have this furniture. It's just a shame that those beds are too small for adults, not to mention that they're pricey. The Millennium Falcon cockpit bed (which features built-in bluetooth speakers and a charging station) will cost you $600 while the X-Wing double bed will take $1200 out of your account (or $600 for just one half). There's also the landspeeder bed for $900. You can get a closer look at all of the pieces right here.

Outside of beds, there are some other kinds of Star Wars furniture to pick up:

That TIE Fighter desk also comes from Rooms To Go For Kids, and it will cost you $400. Meanwhile, over at Pottery Barn, you can get some TIE Fighter storage units also for $400. Over there they also have a bookshelf in the shape of an AT-AT for $1600 and two chairs with backs shaped like Darth Vader and R2-D2 for $129. Check out all these items and more in closer detail right here.