Is Korg In 'Thor: Ragnarok'?

Even though Spider-Man: Homecoming has completed production, Marvel Studios still has Thor: Ragnarok shooting down in Australia. We've been getting teases of what to expect in the third solo outing for the Thor franchise, from the appearance of Hulk's gladiator armor at Comic-Con (where some concept art and behind the scenes footage was also screened) to hints of a cameo from Doctor Strange. Now one more tease has arrived from the set.

Director Taika Waititi has taken to Instagram with a photo featuring a strange color keyboard and a pedal on top of it which says has the brand name Korg on it. Normally, this wouldn't be anything worth noting, but Korg just so happens also to be a character we (may have) seen before in the Marvel cinematic universe. Find out more below.

Here's the photo that Taika Waititi posted to Instagram recently:

Watch this space... #Ragnarok

A photo posted by Taika Waititi (@taikawaititi) on

For those who don't remember, Korg was seen in Thor: The Dark World. He's the giant rock warrior (of the Kronan alien race) who was last seen getting smashed to bits by Thor while he and the Warriors Three were fighting with the Marauders on Vanaheim. But what if that wasn't Korg?

The character was never expressly named as Korg, and he could just have easily been another Kronan warrior who fans assumed was Korg. Plus, in the Marvel comics, Korg does have a brother, so maybe that's who actually ended up getting killed by Thor. Or maybe somehow Korg survived his brush with Thor and will make a return in Thor: Ragnarok.

What's interesting is that Korg has a vital part in the Planet Hulk storyline because he's exiled on the Red King's planet of Sakaaar (after being defeated by Thor elsewhere coincidentally enough) and ends up forced into gladiatorial combat just like Hulk. Since we know that Thor will end up fighting Hulk in the gladiatorial arena thanks to what was shown at Comic-Con, maybe Korg will have a run-in with Thor there and isn't so easily taken out this time. Or maybe as we guessed before, Korg's brother was the one killed by Thor in The Dark World, and he'll be pretty pissed off when he sees Thor end up in the gladiator arena.

The other explanation is that maybe Taika Waititi thought it was amusing to point out that a prop they're using on set (which you can buy yourself) features the name of a familiar Marvel character on it. But even if that's the case, what the hell is that colorful keyboard going to be used for in the movie?

Do you think we'll see Korg in Thor Ragnarok or not?