VOTD: 'Film Meets Art' Compares Cinema To The Art That Inspired It

Some have criticized Quentin Tarantino for stealing from other movies, but it's a practice that he's very open and even proud of, and he should be. For centuries, all the best artists have been inspired by the artists the came before them, and the same can be said of every single filmmaker out there.

While most directors may not borrow as much from other movies as Quentin Tarantino, a video series called Film Meets Art compares movies like There Will Be Blood, Melancholia, Lost in Translation, Empire of the Sun, Inherent Vice and and even Django Unchained to the pieces of art that inspired some of their gorgeous shots.

Watch the Film Meets Art videos after the jump.

The first video debuted about six months ago, while the second installment was just posted about a week ago. I had no idea that the inspiration for some of these beautiful shots were these classic paintings. As creator Vugar Efendi says, "Art inspires cinema, cinema inspires art. As lover of both, I just wanted to look into films that are inspired by famous paintings throughout history."

It just goes to show you how every filmmaker borrows from other artists. More than likely other visual inspiration comes from photographers, sculptures and other visual media. There's probably an endless series of videos that could be made comparing cinema to art.

Thanks to FirstShowing for bringing these videos to our attention.