'Transformers: The Last Knight' Adds Hitler And Mini-Dinobots To The Mix, Because Why Not?

Transformers: The Last Knight has already been confirmed to use King Arthur in some capacity, with Liam Garrigan playing the most famous medieval hero of all time. But it turns out the franchise's foray into history doesn't end there.

Thanks to some controversy stirring up across the pond while Transformers: The Last Knight shoots at Winston Churchill's former home of Blenheim Palace in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, we have word that Hitler and the Nazis will have some kind of role in the movie. Also, it turns out the prehistoric flares of the Transformers franchise that emerged with Dinobots in Transformers: Age of Extinction will have some little additions in this sequel as well.

The Guardian reveals that some veterans' groups and former military commanders are pretty upset that Blenheim Palace has been set-dressed with Nazi flags, German military equipment, and extras as SS stormtroopers in order to have the location act as the headquarters of Adolf Hitler. Here's an image of the area covered in Nazi flags thanks to a story from The Sun:

Anger from veterans is understandable, especially those who fought in World War II, but it's not as if the flags are being flown in support of Hitler and his regime. Nazi symbolism can be upsetting no matter where it is, but when it's being done for the sake of fiction rather than making a political statement, I feel like we can let it go. Maybe we wish it was for a more culturally significant movie than Transformers, but that's not really up to us.

What we're wondering is just what the significance is of Hitler in Transformers The Last Knight and the mythology of the alien beings from Cybertron. Perhaps whatever artifact is rumored to be at the center of this movie was once being pursued by Hitler? Or maybe it was in the hands of Hitler, and there was a sect of Transformers who got it back from him in the 1940s? That would mean Transformers have been part of human history for longer than we initially thought. It would certainly be an interesting way to expand their mythology.

Speaking of which, we know that Dinobots will be making a comeback in Transformers: The Last Knight, but they'll have some tiny companions this time. In a recent Facebook Live video, Mark Wahlberg just happened to mention (at the 2:15 mark, via TFW2005) that there will be some "cool new" mini-Dinobots that he thinks fans will go crazy for. Does that mean the Dinobots can procreate? Or are there just tinier different kind of Dinobots that also exist?

If anything, we're now left with more questions about Transformers: The Last Knight than answers, but now we know this movie will have King Arthur, Hitler, Nazis, mini-Dinobots, Hot Rod, Anthony Hopkins and Britain's loneliest dog. We'll find out how they all come together when Transformers: The Last Knight hits theaters on June 23, 2017.