Are These The 10 Best Improvised Scenes Of All Time?

While the art of improvisation is most commonly associated with comedy, it's a creative process that is used on movies of every kind. Sometimes improvisation happens during a table read and inspires something to be written into the script, other times it happens on set while the cameras are rolling. No matter how it happens, it has resulted in some classic moments in cinema.

Now a video attempts to pinpoint the Top 10 Improvised Scenes In Movie History. That's a pretty tall order, and I can almost guarantee that once you watch the video after the jump, some of you are going to be upset, or will at least have some different opinions on how this list was put together.

Here are what CineFix deems the best improvised scenes of all time:

We know this video list is from 2014, but it definitely got the wheels turning regarding our thinking of improvised scenes in cinema, so we ran with it. But there are some qualms that I have with this particular list.

While I totally understand breaking the set of rules established be the creator of any given list here and there, when you set out to pick the best scenes in a predetermined category, you should probably choose single scenes. Not only does the video cheat by using the entirety of Iron Man, but the top spot goes to all the improvisation that Robin Williams did throughout his career.

The main reason for the last inclusion is that that the video was made shortly after Robin Williams passed away. But it would have been just as easy to choose one of the great scenes he did in his career in order to honor him. Williams was truly a master of making things up on the spot, but there are levels to his greatness that can be determined when comparing to other improvised scenes.

Personally, I would have included the scene in Rain Man towards the end of the movie where Dustin Hoffman places his head on the shoulder of Tom Cruise in the first truly tender moment that the brothers mutually share. Believe it or not, that one moment was improvised by Hoffman, and it's simply beautiful.

What are your favorite improvised scenes?