'American Horror Story' Theory Links Roanoke To Season One's Murder House

The theme of this season's American Horror Story was kept a secret until the series premiere last week revealed that an Unsolved Mysteries-like interviews & reenactments docu-mystery homage taking on "the mystery of the Roanoke Colony." But there must be something to all of those AHS teasers, right? A new theory claims that this new season might be connected to previous seasons of American Horror Story. Find out how, after the jump.

TheĀ American Horror Story Theory

This American Horror Story theory comes thanks to Hello Giggles who noticed that the opening shot of the pilot episode of American Horror Story season one "Murder House" looks nearly identical to the opening shot of the new season. Both seasons open with a shot of a tree followed by a shot of a house.

Also, Roanoke was actually mentioned by name in the 11th episode of "Murder House": Tate and Violet learn Roanoke was where the first successful exorcism was performed.

Okay, so it's not much but its something. Obviously "Murder House" and "Roanoke" already share a bunch of similarities, but what if they connect in some bigger way? It could be interesting if this season finds a way to tie in the stories of all five previous seasons.

When the first teasers premiered for this season, I had hoped that maybe Ryan Murphy's anthology series might turn into an anthology per episode focusing on an entirely new situation and characters while again reusing the familiar AHS players. After the premiere episode had aired, fans were quick to speculate each new episode this season would feature new interview subjects and new stories, but the preview for this week's episode appears to involve the same characters.