Cool Stuff: Tom Whalen's 'Transformers' Prints Roll Out Cartoon Autobots & Decepticons

Even though the Transformers films are pretty popular around the world, not many of our favorite pop culture artists are lining up to pay tribute to Michael Bay's take on the iconic toys of the 1980s But there's plenty of love to be given to the animated versions of our favorite Autobots and Decepticons, and this time it's artist Tom Whalen delivering a series of colorful prints paying tribute to to the cartoon versions of the Transformers.

Check out the set of Tom Whalen Transformers prints after the jump.



All of the prints are 8x8 with the regular versions of each set having an edition of 100 that will cost $50. Meanwhile, the variant edition of each set only has an edition of 50 and costs $65. But the most rare edition gives each set a metal variant of which there are only five available for $200 each.

It should be noted that when you buy a set, there will only be five prints. The prints of Frezny and Ironhide will be randomly inserted in the Decepticon and Autobot sets respectively with only 20 available of each of those.

All the variations of these prints are on sale right now over at Acid Free Gallery (via io9), and as of this writing, none of them appear to be sold out. So if you're a Transformers fan, head over there and get yourself some slick artwork.