'The Blair Witch Project' Honest Trailer: The Movie That Basically Invented Catfishing

With a surprise sequel coming next week, there's no better time to revisit The Blair Witch Project by way of an Honest Trailer. This is the movie that basically invented viral marketing online, and created the found footage horror subgenre way before Paranormal Activity debuted. However, since it's an amateur production made to be an amateur production, there's only so much that the folks at Screen Junkies can make fun of this time. Still, there are some chuckles to be had here and there.

Watch The Blair Witch Project Honest Trailer after the jump.

While calling attention to how dumb these kids are (which is pretty much the case in every horror movie) and their incessant yelling is worth a couple laughs, I find myself completely disagreeing with their mockery that we considered this movie scary back in 1999.

Sure, you don't actually see anything scary, but that's a big part of what makes it so terrifying. Sometimes the unknown and the unseen is far more terrifying than any monster, spirit or demon you might see made from practical or digital effects. Plus, the fact that whatever is in the woods keeps playing with the kids by leaving rocks and totems around the woods is pretty damn unsettling.

Rewatching The Blair Witch Project is probably a good idea before you head to the theaters to see the sequel Blair Witch next week. Having rewatched it not too long ago, I think it holds up and is genuinely more scary than most horror offerings that have been released since then.