Stanley Tucci Returning For 'Transformers: The Last Knight', But Don't Expect A 'Devil Wears Prada' Sequel

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Since Transformers: The Last Knight has been in production for awhile now, we assumed that all of the cast members had been revealed. However, while appearing in Deauville, France to receive a career tribute this past weekend, Stanley Tucci revealed that he will return in the sequel as the character he played in the previous sequel, Transformers: Age of Extinction.

However, for any fans hoping to see Stanley bring back his fantastic character from Devil Wears Prada in a sequel, the actor casts some serious doubt on that ever happening, no matter how much some people out there might want it to happen.

The return of Stanley Tucci in Transformers The Last Knight was confirmed by Variety, who was on hand in Deauville, but the extent of his involvement in the sequel has not been revealed. If you've forgotten what happened in the most recent installment of Michael Bay's sci-fi action franchise, Stanley Tucci's character was basically the reason all of the destruction was happening.

In Age of Extinction, Joshua Joyce struck a deal with the Cybertronian bounty hunter Lockdown to bring Optimus Prime out of hiding in exchange for a device called The Seed. When detonated, this device would create an ample supply of the organic material that Transformers are made out of so Joyce could continue to make more human-engineered Transformers. The only problem was his first batch of these creations used the leftover brain of Megatron, and Joyce accidentally gave life to his new form, Galvatron. The villain ended up wanting the seed himself to rebuild his army, and a battle ensued to stop all of this from happening.

If that sounds complicated and you don't remember all those details, that's because Age of Extinction was a bloated mess of a story. Plus, it's not like you're watching these movies for the flawless storytelling anyway. But in the end, Joyce saw the error of his ways, thought somewhat reluctantly, and he ended up being a key part in helping drive away Galvatron.

As for what Tucci's character is doing this time around, we can't be sure. We don't even have a confirmed story for the sequel yet, though rumors have pegged a link between Optimus Prime's self-imposed mission to track down his creators and some kind of artifact that will be found back on Earth. Supposedly this device is the key to saving Cybertron and also has ties to Merlin from the legends of King Arthur (which seems to be confirmed by recent set photos). What could Joshua Joyce have to do with all of this? We'll find out eventually.

Otherwise, don't expect Stanley Tucci to get too comfortable doing sequels, especially if you're hoping he'll be back as fashion expert Nigel from The Devil Wears Prada. When asked by The Hollywood Reporter if there was any possibility of that happening thanks to author Lauren Weisberger's book Revenge Wears Prada, Tucci didn't sound hopeful at all. He said, "That's never going to happen. Sometimes it's best just to leave things. If you try to redo it, let's face it, there are very few sequels that actually work."

Of course, that's coming from an actor who is going to star in a Transformers sequel, but everyone needs a paycheck. Honestly, I'm not sure there are many fans clamoring for a sequel to The Devil Wears Prada anyway. It's a pretty great film that stands on its own just fine, and hopefully we don't have to go back to the well for another round with Miranda Priestley.