See More Modern VHS Covers For 'Stranger Things', 'Ready Player One', 'Creed' & More

Even though VHS tapes have long been dead, there are plenty of people who miss the unique cover art that used to come with them. There was something special about the VHS covers that we would see lined up on the shelves of our local video stores, and it's just not the same with all the glossy, Photoshopped covers we see on most Blu-ray and DVD releases today.

Thankfully, another artist named Steelberg has decided to make even more modern VHS covers for movies released in the past couple years, and they'll make you wish you could stumble upon these movies, take them home, forget to rewind them and pay a late fee. After the jump, you'll find modern movie VHS covers for Stranger Things, Ready Player One, Creed, It Follows, The Final Girls, Pacific Rim and more.

Here's just some of the modern movie VHS covers Steelberg has created (via Instagram):

What really makes these great are the little touches like stickers from the video store, wrinkles and other kinds of wear and tear, all the old logos that used to be all over older video tapes. They're just great. Sure, it might be a little frustrating that he used Star Trek font and style for the Rogue One cover and Star Wars font for the Star Trek cover, but I'm sure that's exactly what Steelberg was hoping for. I wish there was a way to buy these for display, because I would love to have a shelf of modern VHS covers like this.

If you like these modern VHS covers, you can see more of Steelberg's work over at his Instagram page. Otherwise, you can check out even more of these kind of creations from a couple other artists right here and over here.