VOTD: The Visual Influences & References Of Director Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson is one of those filmmakers with a style that you know immediately. Symmetrical cinematography, period settings and colorful production design are just some of the common traits you'll find in a Wes Anderson movie, and we haven't even gotten to the recurring cast members. However, if you're not well-versed in some classic films such as The Graduate, Harold and Maude, Citizen Kane or The 400 Blows, then you might not have noticed. Or maybe you've seen those movies and you just never realized Wes Anderson was paying referencing them with his visuals.

Check out the Wes Anderson visual influences and references after the jump.

While most of these are right on the money, you may think that the reference to A Charlie Brown Christmas from Rushmore feels like a stretch. However, Wes Anderson actually includes at least one reference to Peanuts and/or Charlie Brown in his movies. In this case, having Jason Schwartzman wear a winter coat and hat while carrying around a tiny plant references Charlie Brown's quest to give some love to a tiny, pathetic Christmas tree.

The one reference that threw me for a loop and had me kicking myself for not noticing it before is the relationship between the go-kart racing with Gene Hackman from The Royal Tenenbaums with the fast-paced car chases of The French Connection. That's just brilliant.

Surely there are plenty more references that aren't pointed out in this video, but this is a great introduction to some of the artistic choices Wes Anderson makes in his movies. Plus, it just might get you to watch some classic movies you haven't seen yet.