Cool Stuff: 'Escape From New York' Gets A Badass New Print By Matt Ferguson

In case you didn't realize this year marks the 35th anniversary of Escape from New York, the classic sci-fi action flick from that was released all the way back in 1981. Even though the exact anniversary came and went last month on July 10th, a celebration seems appropriate since director John Carpenter just won a lawsuit against writer Luc Besson for plagiarizing the film while writing an eerily similar sci-fi acion movie called Lockout. And what better way to celebrate than with a new collectible print.

Grey Matter Art has teamed with artist Matt Ferguson for a new, officially licensed Escape from New York print that would be the perfect way to honor the film's 35th anniversary. The artwork features Kurt Russell looking like a badass as Snake Plissken, and the style of the print is very much in the vein of movie posters from the 1980s. Check it out!

Here's the regular Escape from New York print by Matt Ferguson, straight from Grey Matter Art:

Escape from New York - Matt Ferguson

And here's a glow in the dark variant edition side-by-side with the glowing elements:

The regular version has an edition of 250 and will cost $50 while the variant has an edition of 125 and will cost $60. Both prints measure 24x36 and will be available beginning on August 3rd at 1pm Eastern time at Grey Matter Art's website right here. Anyone ordering one of these prints might be lucky enough to get this bonus 1" pin:


That's the logo for the United States Police Force, the law enforcement featured in Escape from New York. However, these pins will be randomly inserted into orders, so there's no way to guarantee you'll get one. But even if you don't, at least you still get that cool print.

By the way, it looks like the Gateway Film Center in Columbus, Ohio is having an 35th anniversary restoration screening of Escape from New York on three different days this month. So if you live in that area, you can get tickets right here.