Bourne Trilogy Honest Trailer: Matt Damon Weaponizes An Entire Staples Catalog

This past weekend brought Jason Bourne to theaters after being away for nearly a decade. The sequel hasn't fared too well with critics, earning a 57% on Rotten Tomatoes, but audiences turned out enough this weekend to take it to the top of the box office. Still, it's hard to deny that Jason Bourne doesn't exactly deliver as high of quality storytelling in the spy thriller arena as the three predecessors starring Matt Damon.

However, as you probably noticed, Jason Bourne definitely hit all the same notes as each of the chapters in the Bourne trilogy, which all involved Matt Damon learning a little more about his character, getting in a cool car chase, and finding out that the person in charge of finding him is just a puppet for something larger. At least, that's how the Bourne trilogy Honest Trailer breaks it down, complete with an apt comparison to a Pixar favorite. Watch below!

As is the case when Honest Trailers pokes fun at movies that are actually good, there's not much to mock incessantly. Much of the humor in this round focuses on the repetition of plot elements in each film. But the more amusing observations come at the end with the traditional roll call of the cast, this time including abundant tropes like walking through a train station looking worried and like a million turtlenecks.

It'll be interesting to see how the folks at Honest Trailers receive Jason Bourne when it hits home video in a few months. There's bound to be a bit more to make fun of than in all three of the previous installments