What's The Fundamental Flaw Of 'Batman V Superman'? [Video Essay]

Since Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice just recently unveiled the Ultimate Edition on Blu-Ray and DVD, the DC Comics movie has been talked about all over again. While the Ultimate Edition has been said to improve upon the theatrical cut of the film, it still undoubtedly has its problems, and a new video essay attempts to explain what the fundamental flaw is in Zack Snyder's comic book sequel, and it makes quite a valid point.

Watch the Batman v Superman video essay after the jump.

In short, the video essay poses that the problem with Batman v Superman is that it's just a collection of moments strung together with a weak story instead of a series of substantial scenes that do more than just awe the audience. One of the more interesting observations involves the function that scenes at The Daily Planet serve, which is little to nothing. The scenes don't help add depth to the story and it's hard to believe characters like Clark Kent and Lois Lane spend any real time there outside of these short scenes. They only serve as a way to take us to the next big moment in the film.

When you're working in a world that is full of wonder, fantasy and superheroes, you really need to give the audience something substantial to latch onto in order to invest in the characters, and very few scenes in Batman v Superman give the audience a chance to do that. And by the time those scenes happen, especially in the climax between Batman and Superman, it's too little too late. This doesn't seem like a lesson that Zack Snyder can easily learn, but hopefully this flaw is remedied somewhat for Justice League.