'Fear The Walking Dead' Trailer: Welcome To Mexico, Where The Zombies Still Bite [Comic-Con 2016]

I haven't been keeping up with AMC's Fear the Walking Dead, but I will say this much about the new trailer that just premiered at Comic-Con 2016: it's genuinely refreshing to see a zombie TV series that's not set in the backwoods of Georgia. While its parent series has generally hung around a single region for seven seasons, the young spin-off has been steadily journeying down the west coast of the United States, spending a portion of the second season on a boat. When the show returns for the back half of its second season, the action will shift to Mexico as the main cast is scattered to the winds.

And you can get a look at what to expect by watching the trailer below.

Like with The Walking Dead, the biggest threat seen in this new footage isn't the rampaging hordes of hungry undead corpses, but other people who are doing whatever they can to survive (or to take advantage of a total societal collapse). The new location means new allies, new enemies, and exciting new backdrops against which people will have their throats ripped out and so on and so forth.

By this point, you know whether or not The Walking Dead is your cup of tea, which means you already have an opinion on Fear the Walking Dead. Even with the new locale, it looks like more of the same: desperate people do desperate things to survive, moral lines are crossed, and people die violently and unexpectedly. But audiences have spoken and the ratings remain impressive. Fear the Walking Dead may forever live in the shadow of its sister show, but it does allow AMC to remain in the zombie business year-round.

The second half of Fear the Walking Dead's second season premieres on Sunday, August 21, 2016.