Check Out 'The Final Girls' Panel & Midnight Screening For A Break From Comic-Con This Week

Last year The Final Girls came and went from theaters and VOD rather quickly, not giving it much time to find an audience. However, in the short time since its release, the film has started to become a cult favorite with midnight screenings popping up in various cities, some accompanied by drag shows, and others featuring director Todd Strauss-Schulson and some of the cast in attendance. Now fans in San Diego during Comic-Con will get a chance to partake in one of those events themselves.

The Final Girls will have a "secret" midnight screening on Saturday, July 23 at 11:59pm as well as a panel earlier in the day just a couple blocks from the convention center where all the action is happening. So if you're a horror fan who isn't pleased with the offerings inside the convention center itself, this is where you'll want to be on Saturday. Get details on The Final Girls Comic-Con panel and screening after the jump.

First up, the panel "The Final Girls and the Future of the Midnight Movie" will be happening from 5:30pm-6:30pm at the Grand Horton Theatre at 311 Island Avenue in San Diego, California. Director Todd Strauss-Schulson will be in attendance with stars Thomas Middleditch and Angela Trimbur, writers Joshua John Miller and M.A. Fortin, director of photography Elie Smolkin and composer Greg Jenkins. Plus, there are supposed to be some other "final girls from horror history" in attendance as well.

The venue is right in the heart of all the craziness near the convention center, so it's not far out of your way to check out if you end up not being able to get into the Marvel Studios panel happening at the same time  in Hall H that day. And you'll know long before that panel begins if you're going to get in or not.

As for the screening, that's happening at 11:59pm over at the Landmark Ken Theatre at 4061 Adams Ave in San Diego. That's further away from the convention center, but at that time of night, there's not much happening anyway, so this is a great detour from the rest of the madness.

You can buy tickets right now at the Landmark website right here for just $8.50. I've got my ticket, and I can't wait to see this movie with a midnight crowd. Plus, Todd Strauss-Schulson will be in attendance along with most of the guests from the panel earlier in the day.

In addition, keep an eye out for The Final Girls ice cream (or I Scream) truck handing out The Final Swirls ice cream for free along with signed posters being handed up by surprise guests on the truck. Taking a cue from comics, here's the poster that will be handed out, inspired by the cover of the debut issue of Giant Size X-Men:

The Final Girls Comic-Con Poster

The poster is the work of artist Mark Alvarado and you can find more from him on his Instagram page.

To get ice cream and signed posters, you just have to post #FinalGirls photos on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. You can find out where to spot the truck by following Todd Strauss-Schulson on Twitter and Instagram.

For more on The Final Girls, be sure to look at our previous posts breaking down the making of one of the coolest shots in the movie, and also pieces from the detailed production diary from the director himself.