Netflix Announces Flixtape, A Customizable Mixtape Of Your Favorite TV Shows

Last year, Netflix came up with some strange technological innovations such as a real Netflix and chill button and toasty socks that pause whatever you're watching if you fall asleep. Sadly, they didn't sell these items, but they provided detailed instructions for the more engineering savvy users out there to craft themselves. But now they've finally delivered something we can all use very easily.

Netflix has announced a new feature called Flixtape. Inspired by the mixtapes that were popular in the 1980s and 1990s before burning CDs and creating MP3 playlists was ever possible, the new Flixtape feature allows users to create their own custom playlist of TV shows so you can finally get your friend on the same page as you. Find out more about the Netflix Flixtape feature after the jump.

Here's a video introducing the Netflix Flixtape and explaining mixtapes for the younger generation:

While this is a cool feature, I don't think it's maximizing the potential of a playlist function on Netflix. Sure, we already have queues to keep track of the shows and movies we want to watch. But what Flixtape doesn't allow you to do is create a playlist of individual TV episodes. It only allows you to make a list of TV shows in general for you or your friends to check out. Perhaps if people take advantage of this feature, Netflix will expand its abilities so people can make Flixtapes of all their favorite Christmas episodes from TV shows they love. Something like that would be great.

But if you want to take advantage of the feature as it is, just head over to to start making a playlist either for you or one of your friends. You can even come up with a cheesy name, and hopefully it'll be something better than what the above video came up with.