Reboots By The Numbers: How Do They Compare To The Original? [Infographic]

This weekend brings another reboot in a long string of Hollywood's attempt to make something old feel new again with Paul Feig's take on Ghostbsuters. There are endless comparisons to make between any reboot and the original that inspired it, but a new infographic puts forth a comparison to the originals by simply looking at numbers such as critic and audience scores as well as domestic and global box office. See several franchise reboots compared to the original films after the jump.

Here's the infographic comparing reboots from, whatever the hell that is:

Some of these comparisons don't exactly make sense. For example, it's entirely unfair to compare Howard the Duck to Guardians of the Galaxy just because the titular character in the former title appears in the credits scene of the latter. Plus, The Sum of All Fears isn't exactly a reboot of Patriot Games simply because Ben Affleck inherited the Jack Ryan role played by Harrison Ford. A comparison of Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit to Patriot Games would have been more apt.

However, that kind of comparison can be a little tricky as well since some of these reboots are what have come to be known as legacyquels. Those are movies that continue the story that began in the original while also passing the torch to a new generation or even starting the story at a time further in the past. Jurassic World, TRON Legacy, Mad Max: Fury Road and even the new Star Trek are legacyquels.

But at the end of the day, the comparisons made in this infographic only regard statistics, and when you start classifying movies by only using numbers, we start missing the point of having valuable discussions about movies. But at the very least, these numbers show how audiences and critics are receiving reboots.