Iconic Movie & TV Cars Get 'Mad Max' Makeovers In Scott Park's Adorably Deadly Illustrations

There's a lot to love about George Miller's Best Picture nominated action adventure Mad Max: Fury Road. Every facet of the film is impressive, but undoubtedly one of the coolest elements of the film are the post-apocalyptic vehicles that all the characters right around in. There are classic hot rods turned into fast-moving tanks, semi-trucks turned into death machines in eighteen wheels, and that vehicle with the Doof Warrior that is essentially a mobile metal concert from a Dr. Seuss nightmare.

But what if a bunch of other famous vehicles from film and television got a Mad Max makeover? What would cars like the DeLorean time machine from Back to the Future, the Mystery Machine from Scooby-Doo or even the staircase truck from Arrested Development look like if they were modified to look like vehicles from the Wasteland? Illustrator Scott Park has answers to all those questions and plenty more with a cool new set of drawings that you can check out after the jump.

Here's a batch of Scott Park's Mad Max movie car illustrations from the artist's Tumblr page:

As you can see, there's the Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story, the Batmobile from the 1966 Batman television series, the original Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters, a modified motorcycle from Akira and plenty more. They're all adorable and deadly at the same time. Honestly, I wouldn't mind seeing all of these vehicles in some kind of Wacky Races incarnation where movie and TV cars race and battle each other. We need another cartoon like that on the air for today's kids to enjoy.

Scott Park created these illustrations as part of a contest over at Planet-Pulp, which has a bunch more incredible pop culture artwork for you to check out. If you go check out Park's Tumblr page full of his art, you'll see that he's rather skilled at drawing stylized versions of vehicles. But as Park said:

"Planet-Pulp puts out a monthly illustration challenge, and this month is was movie vehicles. Clearly, within my wheelhouse. I soon realized I've pretty much already drawn almost every movie car, so what would I submit? Then it came to me. Mad Max Movie cars. I like to imagine this is what would happen if Fury Road took place in Los Angeles."

We couldn't be happier that he had this creative spark. Now if we could just get them as prints.