Daniel Radcliffe Answers Kids' Questions About Magic, Monsters And Even 'Swiss Army Man'

This weekend, you can see Daniel Radcliffe in the strange but wonderful indie Swiss Army Man. We loved the film at Sundance earlier this year, and now it's in release nationwide, hopefully at a theater near you. It's a far cry from his time spent as Harry Potter in the eight-film franchise, but just because he's doing more adult films now doesn't mean kids still don't have plenty to ask the star.

People magazine rounded up some questions from kids aged 4 to 11 for Daniel Radcliffe to answer, and as you might expect, a lot of them are about magic, broomsticks and the invisibility cloak, but there's a question about Swiss Army Man in there too. In addition, you might be interested to hear what Radcliffe would do if he had the ability to do real magic, because it involves him becoming a superhero. Watch kids interview Daniel Radcliffe after the jump.

Here's kids interviewing Daniel Radcliffe straight from People:

When asked if he had one magic spell, what would it be, Radcliffe took the magic into the comic book realm by answering:

"I should be doing it for something like using my powers for good, but I'd probably just make a spell to make myself be able to run super fast like The Flash or be able to have Spider-Man's powers. Some of my magical powers would just involve myself giving myself other powers of superheroes, I think it's probably fair to say."

To be fair though, if Radcliffe gave himself super powers, he would technically be using his magic powers for good if he became a hero like The Flash or Spider-Man and chose to save people from criminals. We already know Radcliffe is a fan of Spider-Man since he chose to dress up as the webslinger to attend Comic-Con incognito back in 2014 when he was in San Diego to promote his horror comedy Horns.

Daniel Radcliffe has fun throughout the whole video answering kids question, but he does feel relieved when he gets a question from a kid about Swiss Army Man. That seems strange since it's not appropriate for kids, but that's why he did this video to begin with. Stick around to the end of the above video to see the cutest girl with the most adorable English accent ever.