VOTD: A History Of Horror In 122 Films Over 122 Years

People love to be scared by movies. The fact that we pay money to sit in a dark room with complete strangers, hoping to scream and jump in terror, is inherently sadistic, albeit in a fairly tame fashion. However, what scares audiences hasn't always been the same, and the horror genre has evolved quite a bit in cinema's relatively short history. But as you'll see in a new compilation entitled A History of Horror, as long as there have been movies, there has always been horror in them.

The video from cinephile Diego Carrera runs through 122 years of horror on the big screen. However, rather than just creating a supercut with scenes from various horror movies that everyone knows, he took on the more difficult task of choosing just one horror film for each year from 1895 through 2016. You'll undoubtedly take issues with the film chosen to represent a given year, but this video is a fascinating look at how horror changed over the decades.

Here's A History of Horror from Diego Carrera's Vimeo page:

All the classics are here, including Nosferatu, The Wolf Man, Pyscho, The Shining, The Exorcist, The Thing and plenty more. The editing style of the video using sped-up frames makes even the more dated horror movies feel creepy.

It's also interesting to see which of the modern horror films Carrera used to represent the entire year. The Blair Witch Project is the perfect choice for 1999, though choosing The Others over The Devil's Backbone for 2001 feels like a misstep. But I suppose having The House of the Devil in there for 2009 makes up for it. Of course, everyone is going to have their own ideas of which movies should have been included over others.

Are there any movies you would have liked to see included?