Louis C.K. Is Mulling Over A Second Season Of 'Horace And Pete'

I still haven't finished the first season of Horace and Pete, but not because it's a bad show. In fact, I haven't finished the first season of Horace and Pete because it's too good, too effective, and too emotionally brutal. I'm practically afraid of the series and what writer/director/star Louis C.K. has in store for me. You don't binge Horace and Pete – you survive it.

I have no idea how the initial ten episodes of Horace and Pete conclude (I'll get there soon enough), but now C.K. is now talking about getting to work on a second season of his completely independent web series...but only if it can live up to his standards.

More than any other show, Horace and Pete showcases how the television landscape has radically shifted in the digital age. There is no network involvement and the series is available to purchase online (you can pick up the first season for $31). The "filmed play" visual style is the kind of thing that would never fly on a traditional network, but it's the kind of brilliant choice that makes the show feel so immediate and grounded. It's also completely different from anything C.K. has made yet, bearing almost no resemblance to his stand-up comedy or his currently-on-hiatus (and brilliant) FX series Louie. It's a deeply personal work of art that was created without the interference of a corporation and released directly to the people. It's a bold experiment.

And in a new conversation with Deadline, C.K. says that he's currently thinking about how he would approach a second season or if he even should try to make a second season:

I have ideas on how to continue this series. but the test is always — does it write? I did this myself without a network because I didn't want to (be committed to) do it again. I only want to do it if it's really compelling.

C.K. says he plans to sit down and hammer everything out this summer, but isn't afraid to throw in the towel if things don't work out:

...but if it doesn't write, I'll leave it alone. There's no reason to go back.

He also notes that the show is becoming profitable after what sounded like a slow start (he initially claimed that the series had put him millions of dollars in debt) and says that he has declined offers to show the series elsewhere:

Yeah, it's making money, and there's a couple of offers to put it on other platforms. I'm just waiting. Everyday I make money on the show. If I take one of the offers, I'll make a profit right away. The mandate was never to make money. When you own (your own projects), you can sell them over and over again.

For more details, his the link above. Whatever Louis C.K. chooses to do next, whether it be more Horace and Pete, another season of Louie, or something else altogether, I'm prepared to check it out.