POTD: Before Chris Evans Was Famous, He Sent This Cover Letter To Land An Internship

In 2011, audiences started learning pretty quickly who Chris Evans was when he appeared on the big screen as the title superhero in Captain America: The First Avenger. But before that, he already had a solid career as an actor with roles in the Fantastic Four franchise, as well as other not-so-great movies such as Cellular. Thankfully, there were some good movies like Sunshine, The Losers and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World before that too.

However, just a few years before Chris Evans really launched his big screen career with Not Another Teen Movie in 2001, he was just another kid begging to get a foot into the door of the entertainment industry. And now we have some evidence of where Evans was hoping to start with the cover letter he sent to various companies back in 1998, attempting to get an internship.

Read the Chris Evans cover letter after the jump.

Here's the cover letter that Chris Evans himself posted to Twitter:

He also added this little detail, but without the actual photo to accompany sadly:

However, if you want to know just what young Chris Evans was doing early in his career, thankfully we know at least one gig he had before he became famous. Back in January of 2015, BuzzFeed learned Chris Evans was one of the male characters used for the update of the famous game Mystery Date. See for yourself:

Not only can you see him on the cover of the game's box, but he was also given a character name and some details as a surfer named Tyler. One reporter caught up with Evans to ask him about the game, and his reaction is fantastic:

If you somehow don't like Chris Evans, even after all this, then that's just sad.