VOTD: Godzilla And King Kong Are Total Bros In This Stop-Motion Animated Short

Universal and Legendary Pictures will be bringing the movie monsters King Kong and Godzilla to the big screen together in the summer of 2020, mostly because Legendary Pictures CEO Thomas Tull just wanted to see the movie monsters fight. It's a simple concept, and it's an obvious match-up with the new version of Godzilla already unleashed on viewers and a new take on King Kong coming in the form of Kong: Skull Island.

But you don't have to wait four years to see a new spin of Godzilla and King Kong doing battle, because filmmakers Harry Chaskin, Dan Lippert & Justin Michael have put together a hilarious stop-motion animated short called Monster Island that has total bro versions of the movie monsters getting into quite the tiff. Even though this is a cartoon, it's slightly NSFW due to language and sexual humor.

Here's the hilarious Monster Island short film from Vimeo (via io9):

It's projects like this that make me wish studios would deliver more animated movies geared towards adults. This year we get Sausage Party, but movies like that are few and far between, and that's just a shame. Something like the once developing Giant Monsters Attack Japan! from Trey Parker and Matt Stone would be cool to see, even if it ended up being more family friendly than their work on South Park. There's so much potential with animation and it doesn't need to be relegated to just being entertainment for kids.

If you'd like to see more from these filmmakers, check out their stop-motion animated short Bygone Behemoth about a movie monster looking back on his heyday as a big screen icon now that his career is over. Otherwise, the real Godzilla vs. King Kong arrives on May 29, 2020.