'Marauders' Trailer: Bruce Willis Is At The Center Of A Bank Robbery Conspiracy

In recent years, Bruce Willis has been sleepwalking his way through a lot of action thrillers. That's truly a shame since we know he's still capable of doing great work in movies like Looper and Moonrise Kingdom. Sadly, a new bank heist movie called Marauders doesn't appear to be one of his better choices, even if the story does have some intriguing elements to it.

Christopher Meloni (Law and Order: SVU), Adrian Grenier (Entourage) and Dave Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy) play the FBI agents investigating a recent bank robbery, and while evidence points to the bank's owner (Bruce Willis) being involved, there's much more to the case than meets the eye.

Watch the Marauders trailer after the jump.

With Christopher Meloni on board, this feels more like a gritty episode of Law & Order than a movie. Actually, with Adrian Grenier on board, this would make a better fake movie from Entourage. However, I do find the idea of a string of heists being committed to expose a larger conspiracy an interesting concept. The only problem is everybody seems to be phoning in their performances with the exception of maybe Dave Bautista.

Unfortunately, judging by the trailer, this feels like one of those movies that you stumble upon in the bargain bin in a few years as the trailer desperately tries to make the movie look exciting. Though I guess we shouldn't be surprised by that since the movie hails from director Steven C. Miller. If that name doesn't mean anything to you, he's the filmmaker behind last year's equally lazy action thriller Extraction, which just so happened to star Bruce Willis as well.

At the very least, the cast for this one seems more promising than the talent from Extraction. In addition to Meloni, Bautista and Grenier, other supporting cast members include Johnathon Schaech, Lydia Hull, Tyler Jon Olson, and a soap opera star who somehow ended up with the name Texas Battle. Seriously, this guy's name is Texas Battle, and he didn't become a cowboy.


When a bank is hit by a brutal heist, all evidence points to the owner (Bruce Willis) and his high-powered clients. But as a group of FBI agents (Christopher Meloni, Dave Bautista and Adrian Grenier) dig deeper into the case – and the deadly heists continue – it becomes clear that a larger conspiracy is at play.

Marauders opens in theaters and VOD on July 1.