Cool Stuff: 'Star Trek' Shuttlecraft Tent Concept Boldly Goes Into The Woods

If you're the kind of person who isn't the biggest fan of camping, maybe spending some time in the woods away from your precious wi-fi would be more appealing if you were sleeping in a Star Trek shuttlecraft. That's exactly what Star Trek fan Dave Delisle would like to see happen with a concept for a Star Trek tent that looks just like a Federation shuttlecraft. Check it out below.

Here's the Star Trek tent design from Dave Delisle's blog Dave's Geeky Ideas (via Geekologie):

The unfortunate thing about this design is that it's just that. This is only a concept for a tent, and Dave Delisle doesn't intend to crowdfund it as a product (due to licensing issues) and he has no plan to get it made. In fact, his entire blog is full of cool ideas like this that he creates just for fun. Apparently some of his ideas have been turned into real products, though without his involvement. He's not bitter about it though, so I guess that's cool.

Even though this is just a concept for now, there's always a chance some company will try to make it a reality. ThinkGeek comes up with fake items for their site every year for April Fools Day, and some of them actually become real products. In fact, their tauntaun sleeping bag would be the perfect companion to this tent. Maybe they can take this idea and run with it. Hopefully they can keep the thrusters as the carrying case the tent unfolds from, because that's one of the coolest features of the design.