LOL: 'Game Of Thrones' Gets A Visit From Martin Lawrence As The 'Black Knight'

There has been some pretty crazy stuff happening on Game of Thrones this season. If you haven't watched this past weekend's episode yet, you're missing out on one of the biggest revelations of the series, as well as the shocking origin story of one of the most beloved character's on the show. That's all we'll say just in case you've fallen a little behind and haven't checked out our latest weekly episode recap.

However, nothing that has happened in Westeros this season is crazier than this trailer mash-up that just hit the web. What if the newest character addition to Game of Thrones was Martin Lawrence, as seen in the fantasy comedy Black Knight? Thanks to some clever editing, the results are pretty entertaining. Watch the Game of Thrones Black Knight mash-up below.

Here's the great Game of Thrones parody from PizzaPartyFX:

It's the reaction shots in the footage from Game of Thrones that sells this mash-up the best. Plus, the footage from Black Knight has been tweaked just enough that aesthetically, it fits perfectly with the HBO series.

Thankfully, Game of Thrones isn't the kind of show that's going to overstay its welcome to the point that they'll have to employ ridiculous gimmicks like this. It won't turn into Family Matters where Steve Urkel goes to space or anything stupid like that. Though there are some fans who are a little upset/disappointed in the most recent revelation on the show. It's a real gamechanger (no pun intended), and it'll be interesting to see how it plays out as the show continues.