VOTD: This Is What An Avengers Vs X-Men Movie Might Look Like

At one time, it was believed to be nearly impossible for Spider-Man to end up on the big screen in the same movie with the Avengers. Thankfully, Sony Pictures struck a deal with Marvel Studios to share our friendly neighborhood wallcrawler so that he was able to appear in Captain America: Civil War before getting his own new franchise.

But one Marvel property that's unlikely to be shared with Marvel Studios in the future is the X-Men. The franchise is going strong at 20th Century Fox (even though the early buzz on X-Men: Apocalypse isn't very good), and they're going to ride that wave as long as they can. Thankfully, one fan decided to imagine what it would be like if we got to see an Avengers vs X-Men movie thanks to some very clever editing.

Watch the Avengers vs X-Men trailer mash-up after the jump.

Here's the Avengers vs X-Men trailer for the movie we'll likely never get to see from Alex Luthor:

There are some great cuts here to make it appear that the Avengers are fighting with the X-Men. The fight between Spider-Man and Wolverine on a high-speeding train would be epic, and Deadpool fighting Hulk would be incredible. I also like the place of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in this, essentially caught between the two teams.

Even though we won't see an X-Men and Avengers crossover happening anytime soon (or maybe ever), some fans are calling for 20th Century Fox to share Fantastic Four with Marvel. However, Simon Kinberg recently said that they still want to attempt to make a sequel to the poorly received comic book adaptation. Maybe there's a future where all Marvel properties can exist in the same universe. We can always dream.