Cool Stuff: Some Of The Magic Of Captain America's Shield Made A Reality With Electromagnetics

If you've seen Captain America: Civil War, then you know that Spider-Man takes notice of how Cap's shield doesn't really follow the rules of physics. The shield effortlessly bounces off walls and foes and somehow always manages to make it right back into the hands of Steve Rogers. And now one fan has made some of the magic of Captain America's shield a reality with the use of electromagnets.

Find out how electromagnets help complete a real Captain America shield below.

Here's the video of how The Hacksmith made a real Captain America shield:

Even though there's not some kind of smart chip or hover technology that allows the shield to figure out perfect angles mathematically to end up back in this guy's hands, an electromagnet arm bracer allows him to catch it easily. Plus, as you can see in the video, he can also throw it from the arm brace as well. So how did he do it? Here's a brief explanation if you don't have time to watch the whole video right now:

We made this awesome electromagnet arm bracer for the Replica Captain America shield, just in time for Captain America: Civil War. It uses a set of lithium-polymer batteries from Hobby King running in series at 72V. This produces 720kg of magnetic force at each electromagnet. That's over 3000lbs of magnetic lifting force together!

The electromagnets are available on Amazon, and are rated for 12V, which produces ~120kg (1200N) of lifting force. We're running them at a much higher voltage for short periods of time to create awesome power. They will overheat if you use them for over a minute at this power level!

As for the shield itself, that wasn't made from scratch. It was made by Machinaprops on Etsy, but it doesn't appear to be available for purchase right now. There is a cool Marvel Legends version you can get right now though.