Hey Star Wars Fans, Supreme Leader Snoke Is Not Darth Plagueis, So Move On

Who is Supreme Leader Snoke? This is one of the biggest questions fans had after watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens. There are plenty of theories out there, some crazy, some sensible. But one of the more predominant guesses from fans about the origins of the First Order villain who has trained Kylo Ren in the ways of the dark side has just been debunked.

Pablo Hidalgo is the Creative Executive of the Lucasfilm Story Group, the collective responsible for the official continuity of all things Star Wars. Nothing is canon unless Hidalgo says it's canon. And in a recent exchange with some inquiring fans on Twitter, Hidalgo seems to have debunked the theory that Supreme Leader Snoke is actually Darth Plagueis.

Find out what Pablo Hidalgo had to say about the Snoke Darth Plagueis theory after the jump.

For whatever reason, some Star Wars fans seem hellbent on trying Supreme Leader Snoke to a Sith master who was briefly mentioned in Revenge of the Sith. If you're one of those casual fans who doesn't remember this detail, or you've smartly stayed away from revisiting the prequels, here's the scene in question:

Some fans think that because Darth Plagueis was supposedly able to save those he knew from dying, there's a chance that he was able to resurrect himself. Forget the myriad of other reasons that essentially prove that Supreme Leader Snoke will not be revealed to be Darth Plagueis reincarnated, the concept itself doesn't even make much sense. Pablo Hidalgo addressed that very fact on Twitter (via Inverse):

See, even if you think that Darth Sidious (aka Emperor Palpatine) didn't actually kill Darth Plagueis because he can't be trusted to tell the truth, then Darth Plagueis himself could easily be a fabrication. Sure, Darth Plagueis had his own book following the release of Revenge of the Sith, but that story is no longer considered canon, so the character may not even exist and could have just been a lie Palpatine told Anakin to help push him to the dark side due to his desperation to save Padme.

Plus, for anyone who may think that Darth Plagueis didn't need to reincarnate himself because he never died and became Snoke, Hidalgo was pretty clear on the character's fate as well:

Look how obsessed some of these fans are with this theory! It's time to let this one go, folks. Supreme Leader Snoke is not Darth Plagueis, and if you need more reasons as to why, check out our previous post with plenty of evidence that debunks the theory even further.

While the origins of Supreme Leader Snoke are unknown, and thus interesting to Star Wars fans, they're also not necessary to continue or expand the story of the new trilogy. Remember what happened when Star Wars dug too deep into the origins of their most iconic villain? We got three sub-par Star Wars movies that did more harm than good to the saga. Supreme Leader Snoke doesn't need his origin explained for him to work as a villain, but surely we'll learn more about him as the new trilogy goes on.