'Ghostbusters' Reboot Is The Most Disliked Trailer In YouTube History And That's Just Stupid

It's no secret that some people just aren't happy about the reboot of Ghostbusters on the way from director Paul Feig. Even before production began, there was already a decent amount of outrage and hate for the film. Some of the distaste was from fans who just didn't want to see the beloved classic get a contemporary reboot instead of sequel. However, there was much more despicable outcry from people who simply didn't like the idea of four women (Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones) starring in the film, and that's just ridiculous.

Now it appears the more irrational hate for the movie has resulted in some kind of coordinated attack on the internet that has resulted in the Ghostbusters reboot trailer becoming the most disliked movie trailer in YouTube history. Find out more after the jump.

ScreenCrush took a very close look at the Ghostbusters reboot trailer dislikes numbers. Once you look at some comparative numbers for other movie trailers and the rest of the most disliked videos on YouTube, it's clear that the dislike for the trailer comes from some kind of pathetic campaign to disparage the movie before it's even been seen.

At the time of this writing, the trailer has over 560,000 dislikes. And while it's perfectly reasonable that some people just don't like the look of the new Ghostbusters, it's the only movie trailer to crack the Top 100 most disliked videos on YouTube of all time. There are plenty of worse trailers than the Ghostbusters reboot trailer, and yet, this is the only movie trailer to get this kind of dislike milestone in the entire history of YouTube. That just doesn't make sense.

By comparison, ScreenCrush points out that the trailer for last year's Fantastic Four reboot has only 20,175 dislikes and a comedic disaster like Adam Sandler's The Ridiculous Six only has 5,803 dislikes. If that's not enough evidence of something fishy going on, take a look at the ratio of dislikes to views when you look at some of the other most disliked videos in the Top 100:

"Justin Bieber's "Baby" (#1 on the list) has a whopping 6 million thumbs down votes, but that's on 1.36 billion views for a 226:1 ratio of views to dislikes. Psy's "Gangnam Style" video (#4 overall) has almost 1.5 million thumbs down on 2.5 billion views for a relatively high ratio of 1,666:1. The Ghostbusters trailer is remarkable in that it has 507,610 dislikes on just 28.7 million views. That's a staggering 56:1, almost exactly four times the amount of dislikes per view of Bieber's aforementioned most disliked video on all of YouTube."

Basically, there's a sad sect of the internet who has taken the task of tearing down the Ghostbusters reboot at every turn. As someone who loves the original Ghostbusters and hasn't been overly impressed by what we've seen from the new trailer, I find this absolutely ridiculous. Sure, the internet is known for blind rage and hyperbolic hate, but this is just ridiculous and unfounded. The movie deserves a chance to be seen before garnering this much dislike.

If Paul Feig's film turns out to be a disaster, in your opinion, then sure, disparage the movie all you want. But the kind of vitriol being spewed at this movie is ridiculous, and a good amount of it is misogynistic and chauvinistic. Some of the comments include "When are people going to learn that women aren't funny?" and "Ghostbusters – Fat Dyke Edition." Meanwhile, other comments indicate that some of the haters made a game out of racking up the dislikes as they celebrated the milestone of 500,000 and were hoping to get to one million. How fun!

This is the ugly side of the internet that we know about, but it's just sad to see these kind of things still happening. If you need more evidence of YouTube users just being assholes, there are only 12,000 angry reactions to the trailer on Facebook out of 22 million views. That sounds more rational and realistic.

Anyway, some people just need to grow up and understand that just because a movie that they love is being remade or rebooted doesn't mean that the one they love is any less important or cherished. No one is forcing them to watch this new version, and they can watch the original anytime they want to. Meanwhile, I'm still hoping for the best from Paul Feig's Ghostbusters.