New 'Captain America: Civil War' TV Spot Features Spider-Man In Action

For many months, the worst kept secret in Hollywood was that Captain America: Civil War featured the new Spider-Man. He was never mentioned in press releases. He didn't show up in the first trailer. Heck, the production somehow managed to keep the paparazzi at bay and not even one single blurry set photo made its way online. So when Tom Holland's Spidey popped up for quick hello in the latest preview, it was a genuine (and pleasant) surprise. Sure, everyone knew he was coming, but the grand reveal managed to arrive intact. Marvel and Disney played the long game with this one, distracting us with the dozen other heroes in the movie, and they came out on top.

But now that the cat is out of the bag, the marketing can play a little fast and loose with the Spider-Man material, which is why a brand new TV spot is apparently allowed to showcase additional footage of the webslinger in action.

The quality of the YouTube embed for this TV spot is rough to say the very least, but it gets the job done (and we'll hopefully be able to replace it with a better-looking version in the near future). Most of the spot is dedicated to footage we've seen before and critical praise from the mostly positive reviews that began arriving earlier this month, but then we reach the end and Spider-Man happens.

I'm not prepared to make any kind of serious judgment about this new Spider-Man based on a handful of shots in a blurry YouTube video, but I do like that he begins his tussle with the Winter Soldier with a stupid wisecrack. Big screen versions of the character have somehow mostly ignored Spidey's mouth, which is his real superpower. Forget about that spider sense and the wall-crawling – he annoys his enemies into submission.

In his review of Captain America: Civil War, our own Ethan Anderton was very positive about Holland's Spider-Man (even though he felt Spidey felt a little forced into the plot):

"Tom Holland plays the character effortlessly and with an affable personality that makes this iteration of Peter Parker/Spidey a promising addition to the MCU when he gets his own franchise. His interaction with the various heroes during his action debut contains just the right amount of teenage sarcasm and nerdiness as he geeks out over their various abilities and superhero suits. Even though he has to fight some of these heroes, he's just happy to be there."

Captain America: Civil War arrives in theaters on May 6, 2016, but you surely know that by now. The next solo Spider-Man movie will arrive on July 7, 2017.