'Independence Day: Resurgence' Sets Up More Possible Sequels, Introduces New Aliens

A new trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence just arrived this morning, showing off even more destruction than Earth received the first time around. And if all goes well when the film hits this summer, it sounds like the sequel will set up the possibility of even more sequels to come and introduce some new aliens into the mix. Find out more about the potential for more Independence Day sequels after the jump.

At CinemaCon last week, much of the cast was on hand to help promote the movie, and with that came some new tidbits on the sequel. First up, even though we've seen these nasty invaders in the flesh, including their more menacing biological suits that protect them, they're not the only ones we'll have to contend with when the aliens come back.

Jessie Usher, who plays the son of Will Smith's apparently deceased character from the first film, spoke to Fandango about the new invasion, saying, "We learn quite a bit about the aliens. What else is out there? What hasn't visited Earth yet? They start to delve more into that, too."

Meanwhile, Maika Monroe was slightly more specific, adding, "We also learn that there might be other species, too. Not just those aliens." There's a chance we might have glimpsed them in that most recent trailer when a giant alien foot smashes down on the ground. However, that could also just be a giant exo-suit that the ground troops can control once they land on Earth, something they didn't do in the initial invasion.

Sadly, there won't be an inspiring presidential speech from Bill Pullman as former President Whitmore or even from Sela Ward as the new President Lanford. The actress said the writers didn't even want to try to recreate or even top that memorable moment from the first movie:

You can't mess with that speech. They didn't even try — that [original speech] is so iconic. People use it all the time — at the opening of sports games and weddings, and I saw it on a Budweiser commercial recently. You can't compete with that.

But one thing you can probably count on is the hint of more sequels. Jeff Goldblum confirmed as much when he said:

I think what they have in mind is that if this is well enjoyed, then they have some ideas. And there may even be an artful reference towards the end of the movie of what could [happen next]. It sets up the possibility that it's not over – that the fat lady has not yet sung.

At one time a follow-up to Independence Day was planned as two films that would have shot back-to-back. It turns out 20th Century Fox may have just wanted to be more cautious with their plans and see how this one fares at the box office to see if interest is still there before they lock in another movie.

Independence Day: Resurgence arrives on June 24.