Cool Stuff: Gabz Has A Slick New 'RoboCop' Poster

Back in December, we featured a new RoboCop print from Matt Ferguson that was made available by Grey Matter Art. Now another piece of work honoring Paul Verhoeven's sci-fi action classic is available, this time from Gabz (who recently delivered a stellar Star Wars trilogy print that is situated on my wall). It's bloody, fiery and just fantastic.

Check out the new Gabz RoboCop poster after the jump.

Thanks to io9 for calling attention to the new Gabz RoboCop poster:

The regular version (left) will have an edition of 225 and costs $45 while the variant (right) will have an edition of 100 and will cost you $65. Each print measures 24" x 36" and both will be available for purchase on Wednesday, March 16 at the Grey Matter Art website. The regular version is actually the one I like the most, and it's another fantastic piece of work by Gabz.

Also, if you happen to be in the market for even more RoboCop art, Grey Matter Art also has a print for the film by Kilian Eng that debuted back in January and is still available for purchase. Check it out:

The regular print (left) is an edition of 220 and costs $45 while the variant (left) has an edition of 110 and costs $60. Each print measures 24" x 36" and is available right now.

It seems to be a good time to be both a pop culture art collector and a fan of RoboCop, because there are some absolutely stellar prints out there right now for the officer who is part man, part machine and all cop.