'Terminator: Genisys' VFX Breakdown: How Arnold Schwarzenegger Fought His Younger Self & More

It's no secret that Terminator Genisys wasn't the movie that most of the franchise's fans were hoping for and it certainly wasn't the box office hit that Paramount Pictures hoped that it would be. The previously planned sequels were put on indefinite hold, supposedly so a readjustment could be made to the future of the film series, but then any follow-up was seemingly canceled back in January. It's certainly a bummer that we won't see the franchise continue, but that's what happens when the studio makes a mediocre movie.

However, there was some decent work done on the movie in the visual effects department, especially when it comes to recreating a younger version of Arnold Schwarzenegger to fight the aged Terminator who has been taking care of Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke) in this wholly confusing alternate timeline. A new Terminator Genisys visual effects breakdown has just debuted online, showing how much work went into the sequel.

Here's the Terminator Genisys visual effects from the creative studio MPC:

Not all of the visual effects look good in the final cut of the film, but there are several shots when the digitally recreated Arnold Schwarzenegger looks just like the real actor from 1984. Seeing the tool move Schwarzenegger's face and eyes around to show off the digital model is pretty creepy. It's just a shame that sometimes he looks a little unnatural in the film from time to time, but it looks infinitely better than the awful one that was created for Terminator Salvation. The real travesty is that we couldn't get a younger Bill Paxton in the movie as well.

Other visual effects showcased include some of the future war special effects, including the completely computer animated T-800 endoskeletons, and more. Even though the film probably could have benefited from putting more focus on story than letting the visual effects and action set pieces do the heavy lifting, there's some truly impressive work done here. You can see just how extensive the effects were in the climactic battle right here.

If you want to see more of what MPC has done, check out the visual effects breakdowns from the company that show off the incredible work they did for the Best Picture nominated The Martian as well as Disney's live-action retelling of Cinderella.

And don't forget, as a consolation prize, we'll be getting a 3D re-release of Terminator 2: Judgment Day sometime this year for the film's 25th anniversary.