'Batman V Superman' Story Details Teased, Jury Still Out On Whether Or Not Superman Bleeds

Despite a handful of trailers and a few bushels of TV spots and clips, great swaths of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice remain shrouded in mystery. And now, thanks to a new Entertainment Weekly cover story, we are being offered a peek under the curtain. New story details and a few minor spoilers are now available for your prying eyes, should you be interested in such a thing.

We'll start with the less spoiler-y stuff and work our way down, so feel free to turn away whenever you feel like it. If you want to know everything, make sure you check out the full EW story over here. In the meantime, here's a quote from Ben Affleck about his Batman, who is a deeply unhappy fellow blinded by the feeling that he's spent two decades protecting Gotham City with nothing to show for it:

He's projecting his own sense of failure, his own sense of disillusionment, his own cynicism onto Superman.

And while Batman's weakness is that he's seen enough to lose faith in himself and others, Henry Cavill explains that Superman has a very different problem:

[Superman's] weakness is that he doesn't want to hurt anyone. He doesn't want to scare anyone, and in that you can take advantage of him. This is someone who is a complete amateur, and he's facing up against someone who is very well versed in the arts of war.

This is where the juicier story details come into play, so feel free to back out now. After all, the movie is only three weeks away. How greedy are you?

Of course you're that greedy. So am I. Anyway, the story confirms that these two superheroes go to war because they're being manipulated by Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor, who "orchestrates a mass murder" to help turn their cold war blazing hot. There is also official confirmation of an old rumor: the film's final villain, the monstrous Doomsday, is the result of Luthor experimenting with Kryptonian technology and the DNA of the deceased General Zod. EW also emphasizes that Luthor is a genuine sociopath who enjoys watching powerful people fall. In other words, he sounds like a nasty piece of work.

EW also has a few details on how Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman figures into the movie, saying that she runs "afoul of Bruce Wayne as they engage in rival missions to steal some of Luthor's most disconcerting secrets." As expected, we probably won't get to see her in full costume until the third act, but it sounds like she'll at least have a different role to play until that point.

For additional details, EW has also assembled a gallery of new images, each of which is accompanied by additional details and commentary. You can explore some of the more images in the gallery below, including one where Batman and Superman appear to be having a tender moment. It's probably not intentional (they're surely one second away from exchanging punches), but aww.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opens on March 25, 2016.