These 'Gods Of Egypt' Clips Are Absolutely Bonkers And Maybe Kind Of Great?

Gods of Egypt has looked like a disaster since those goofy character posters arrived so long ago and most of the trailers have looked downright bad. However, I'm starting to think that this isn't an ordinary disaster. Oh, no. Gods of Egypt is starting to look like my kind of disaster, the kind of train wreck that can only occur when a bunch of genuinely interesting people with an actual vision get together...and then bump heads as they stumble around in the dark.

A new batch of clips from director Alex Proyas' genuinely bizarre-looking fantasy adventure have arrived and I'll be honest – they're giving me real Jupiter Ascending vibes. And I love Jupiter Ascending.

Only the final film will reveal if Proyas is as committed to this bonkers premise as the Wachowskis were to theirs. Remember how Jupiter Ascending cast Channing Tatum as a formerly winged wolf-man who traversed the skies of hover roller blades? Gods of Egypt looks that weird.

Just check out this first clip, were Gerard Butler's Set visits Geoffrey Rush's Ra on board his spaceship (!) in Earth's orbit, where the two ancient Egyptian gods exchange harsh words before preparing for battle. Both actors cut the ham nice and thick, playing these ludicrous parts with straight faces and looking totally at home in their ludicrous costumes. Forget about eating raw bison liver. This is the kind of performing that truly tests the mettle of an actor. Not everyone is so comfortable looking so damn silly.

If these clips are any indication, Gods of Egypt will be delirious camp of the highest order, a future contender for late night conversations about how certain movies get made in the first place. The question right now is whether it will be a good movie or a bad movie, but that's almost besides the point. Gods of Egypt looks singular enough to transcend traditional definitions. I can't wait to see it.

The other clips aren't quite as enthralling as the one above, but they all have their fair share of insane charms.

It's in these extended scenes that you can actually see Proyas at work. Whether he's making genuinely great movies (Dark City) or memorable dumpster fires (Knowing), Proyas is a filmmaker with a vision. Nothing about Gods of Egypt looks phoned in, which makes its apparent insanity look all the more interesting. No one can craft a disaster quite like a good filmmaker.

Gods of Egypt opens this Friday, February 26. Watch the rest of the clips below and ponder this movie's mere existence like the mortal you are.