New 'Batman V Superman' Posters Go After The Butler, Reporter, And Evil Industrialist Demographics

Rejoice, children of the world! The real stars of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice finally have their posters. Cancel your letter-writing campaigns! Stop protesting in the streets! Tear down your Batman and Superman posters! Because now, we finally have one-sheets for Alfred Pennyworth, Lois Lane, and Lex Luthor.

I kid. In fact, I kid because I love. I love waking up to the sight of three character posters for a massive superhero movie featuring actors like Jeremy Irons, Jesse Eisenberg, and Amy Adams. Like the rest of the marketing for Batman v Superman, these are more than a little silly, but you've got to love how a butler, a reporter, and an evil corporate genius get their own entires in a poster series that also includes a masked vigilante, a powerful alien, and an Amazon warrior.

What tickles me most about these new posters is the use of logos. Since the character posters for Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman all featured those iconic heroes striking dramatic poses behind their equally iconic logos, the posters for Alfred, Lois, and Lex follow suit. And whether intentional of not, it's my ideal shade of silly. There's Alfred, standing tall and strong behind...the Wayne Industries logo! Meanwhile, Lois and Lex are overlaid with logos for LexCorp and The Daily Planet.

By placing these fictional company logos in the same position Superman's iconic chest shield, these posters act like we should see that big "W" on Jeremy Irons and go "Oh, yeah! Wayne Industries." Toss in all of the random debris floating in the background and you have a batch of totally earnest character posters that almost feel like pitch-perfect parodies of modern character posters.

And yet, how cool does Jeremy Irons look as Alfred, whose take take on the character is reportedly more of a "bodyguard" and a mechanic than a typical butler? Plus, it's nice to be reminded that Amy Adams is actually in Batman v Superman. She is too wonderful of an actress, and her take on Lois Lane is too perfect, to be completely shuffled to the side. And while Jesse Eisenberg remains a controversial choice for Superman's arch-foe, I've grown increasingly open to whatever the hell he's doing with this character. If nothing else, he certainly seems to be making some interesting choices.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opens on March 25, 2016. And whether you like it or not, director Zack Snyder will begin filming the first Justice League movie on April 11. Do you know what the means? More wacky character posters, hopefully.