'Paradox' Trailer: In Which Time Travel Once Again Goes Spectacularly Wrong For Everyone

It's probably a good thing that time travel doesn't exist in the real world because we'd all be dead by now. Well, dead or vanished into thin air, Back to the Future-style. As cinema has shown us, nothing good has ever come from galavanting across the timeline. If your parents aren't trying to get in your pants, you're creating horrifying alternate futures by stepping on butterflies or getting gunned down in airport terminals in front of your younger self. If you build a time machine in the movies, you're in for a pretty bad time.

Unfortunately, no one bothered to tell the characters at the center of Paradox that messing with the space time continuum is almost always a bad move. The trailer for his new low-budget science fiction thriller has arrived it looks to adds a few new points the whole "time travel is bad and you should never do it" thesis.

The story here is intriguing enough. A group of scientists build a time machine and send one of their own one hour into the future. He returns, claiming that each and every one of them will soon be dead. And then a masked killer starts stalking everyone, allowing star Zoe Bell to showcase her patented punching/kicking skills.

Paradox looks like it was made for a fistful of pennies and a couple rolls of duct tape, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Some of the best science fiction movies ever made, like Primer and Timecrimes, were shot on shoestring budgets. If Paradox is any good (and let's be honest and just admit that it doesn't look particularly good in trailer form), it will have some very strong company. It doesn't instill too much confidence to learn that Michael Hurst's past credits as a director include Pumpkinhead: Blood Feud and House of the Dead 2, but he did write Ninja: Shadow of a Tear, which is pretty decent as far as low-budget ninja schlock starring Scott Adkins goes.

Plus, it's very difficult to completely dislike something that features Bell, the charming stuntwoman and actress who won our hearts when she literally risked life and limb for that ridiculous climactic car stunt in Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof.

Here's the official synopsis for Paradox:

A group of young scientists are working on a secret project that may allow them to travel ahead in time. They test it by sending one of their own ahead one hour. He returns pleading with them to shut it down, explaining that within that hour, they will all die.

Paradox is set to arrive on April 15, 2016.paradox trailer