How 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Should Have Ended

Now that Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been seen by billions, everyone has their theories about what the future holds for our the sci-fi saga. There are plenty of ideas about Rey's past, the identity of Supreme Leader Snoke, and just what Luke Skywalker has been up to, but the folks over at How It Should Have Ended just want to have a little fun by shaking up more than a few scenes from the sequel. From TR-8R's encounter with Finn to the lightspeed approach to Starkiller Base, there are a lot of ways that the main characters of The Force Awakens could have had a much different outcome.

Watch how The Force Awakens should have ended below.

As you can see, this isn't exactly like the other How It Should Have Ended videos, because there are a lot of different scenes changed around as opposed to a few from the climax. The HISHE creators explained in the video description:

This episode was a labor of love. After willingly watching the movie several times. (Daniel 4, Otis... 80 i think) there were far too many ideas to make just one sketch, so we tried to include as many as we could. Sorry it couldn't be more.

But they still tackle the ending of the movie when all is said and done, bringing back the character that fans really wish they could have seen more of in The Force Awakens. But we'll get to spend plenty of time with the isolated Jedi in Star Wars: Episode VIII.