Cool Stuff: This Jedi Built His Own Real Lightsaber

If you're one of those people who has always wanted your own lightsaber, and you're not scared of potentially blinding yourself with science, then you might want to pay attention. Allen Pan, the engineering whiz who built a version of Thor's hammer that only he could lift, has constructed himself a real lightsaber. He shows off the power of this custom creation by first lighting a cigarette with it, and then setting one of his friends on fire. See the real lightsaber in action below.

Here's a video showing off the real lightsaber from Node (via Uproxx):

All right, this isn't exactly a real lightsaber since the power that creates the blade isn't concentrated light from a crystal. Instead, it's a flame stream powered by alcohol. As Pan explains in the video, people at the end of the blade might get some splashes of alcohol from the stream that's being ignited on fire. But he says that as long as you drink some alcohol or splash some on your face, then you won't get burned at all.

If there's anyone out there feeling brave and smart enough to build this little device themselves, Pan put together a video showing how he created the contraption right here:

It's pretty cool that he used Luke Skywalker's lightsaber from The Empire Strikes Back for this creation, especially since it's become much more important in the wake of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Maybe one day we won't need makeshift lightsabers because the real thing will be just a credit card swipe away.