WTF: Cardboard Home Cinema Is The Saddest Thing Ever

Technology has advanced enough to allow us to watch feature length movies on screens that fit in our hands wherever we are. Of course, it's not the most ideal way to experience a movie, especially for the first time. A movie should be seen in a movie theater. But if for some reason you're desperate to stay at home but still want that movie theater experience, a weird new product called Cardboard Home Cinema is here to save you from interacting with other people.

Here's a look at the Cardboard Home Cinema from

As the product description on the website says:

It's a marvel of hi-tech technology, a shining moment in entertainment that will open up a whole new dimension of movie-watching for you.

Okay, seriously, it's a big cardboard box with a big hole cut in it. It comes with interchangeable adapters (more cardboard or possibly styrofoam) that let you use various phones or tablets. It also comes with an optional audience insert (more cardboard) to really let you get that theater experience. It's not entirely accurate because none of the little cardboard people move around to get in your way during a crucial moment in the movie.

I can see this being something cool for kids watching movies on their parents' iPad or something like that, but if you're an adult putting your head in a box to watch a movie, then you need to rethink your life. Cardboard Home Cinema costs $35.69, and you can buy it right here if you feel like ruining movies at home or giving your friend a gag gift.