If The Death Star Isn't The Most Powerful Weapon In The Sci-Fi Universe, Then What Is?

Some of the most passionate fans come from the world of science fiction. If you talk to any sci-fi fan, you can almost guarantee they've gotten into some kind of heated debate about whether the Millennium Falcon is better than the U.S.S. Enterprise or whether Doctor Who could take down Doctor Strange. But how about which sci-fi weapon is the best?

Well, a new infographic may be able to help with that argument as it has laid out a chart showing the most powerful weapons in the sci-fi universe. So if you've ever wondered if a lightsaber from Star Wars is more powerful than the noisy cricket from Men in Black, now we have the answer. And you might be surprised to see that the Death Star isn't #1. Check out the infographic below!

Here's Foundation Digital's breakdown of the top sci-fi weapons for Fat Wallet:

As the infographic says, they consulted physicists and engineers to put this one together. Of course, that only means so much when we're dealing with weapons that defy the laws of physics, but this is still fun to think about. Some real world reference points were used to figure out some of the measurements for the weapons, but others are more educated guesses based on seeing what they can do in movies and TV shows.

So the next time someone tries to tell you that Baymax from Big Hero 6 is more powerful than EVE in WALL-E, even though neither of them are straight-up weapons despite being equipped with them, you can slap this link in their face. Or you can just go on living your life. Whatever works.