Here Is The First Minute Of The 'X-Files' Revival, Just In Case The Truth Is In There

If any top secret government agencies plan to sabotage the upcoming limited series revival of The X-Files, now would be a good time. The return of the iconic show is less than two weeks away and Fox has stopped unleashing trailer after trailer and has moved onto the next phase of their marketing scheme: releasing actual footage from the series for your viewing pleasure.

The first minute (well, 63 seconds) of the first episode of the newly resurrected X-Files is now online and you can watch it right now. Just make sure no one is watching over your shoulder and so on. This is serious business. You have no idea where anyone's allegiances lie.

The footage can be viewed on a new site called and no, it cannot be embedded. So yes, you have to click that link and go watch it over there like some kind of animal. Barbaric, I know.

As you'd expect, this first minute is entirely exposition. In voice over, we hear David Duchovny's Fox Mulder explain everything fans of the series already know. His sister was abducted by aliens, he joined the FBI, he worked in the "X-Files" so he could continue his obsession with the supernatural, he was assigned a skeptical partner, etc. He leaves out the part where the original series ended with him and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) on the run and dreading a mass alien invasion, but let's face it: the overarching mythology of this series has never been as consistent as anyone would have liked.

What's really interesting about this clip is how it is, quite simply, not for people who have watched The X-Files. Hell, it's not even for people who were aware of pop culture in the '90s. A significant segment of the population just knows what The X-Files is about, whether they watched it or not. If you were drawing breath during this show's nine season run, you absorbed the basics through osmosis. This introduction, this basic summation of the facts, is for the young folks for whom this show is ancient history. Yes, cry your salty, aged tears. The world no longer belongs to you – it belongs to people who need to be told what an X-File is!

If you want a proper, extended look at what to expect from this six-episode run, you should probably check out this featurette, which hit the internet a little while back. It's not as sexy as a proper clip imprisoned on its own special website, but it's far more informative.

The X-Files limited series will have its big two-night premiere on January 24 and 25. Set your DVRs, trust no one, etc.