See Michael B. Jordan Knocked Out On The Set Of 'Creed'

In order to star in boxing movies like Creed, actors like Michael B. Jordan have to train with real boxers. Not only does it get the actors in the right shape, but it helps them appear as if they could be real boxers and aren't just pretending. And when it comes to the Rocky movies, there's something else that makes the actors really feel like they're in the ring.

While appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, co-star Sylvester Stallone explained that in the Rocky films, there is a tradition of shooting what is called a "dead man walking scene" where the actor in the ring actually gets punched in the face by a real pro fighter. And that tradition ended with Michael B. Jordan knocked out on the set of Creed.

Since Jordan's primary opponent in the film is real-life British boxing champ Tony Bellew, it wasn't hard to make the tradition happen. But as you may have heard, Jordan got knocked out while filming this initiation. Now you can actually see it happen around the 1:47 mark in this video:

Jordan was "up for whatever" when it came to shooting this movie, he wanted to really be part of the Rocky family by taking part in this tradition. As Stallone explains in the interview, "When a real pro hits you, it isn't like you see in these bar-room brawls or Westerns with a big punch. It's just 'boom,' and next thing you know you are talking to angels." And as you can see, Jordan takes that punch and is immediately down for the count.

But just because Jordan got knocked out cold doesn't mean he isn't cut out for boxing. In fact, Jordan soaked up so much of his boxing training that co-star Gabriel Rosado, a real former World Boxing Organization light middleweight champ, says that the actor could probably become a real boxer if he was so inclined. But I'm sure he's fine making a living without getting punched the face all the time.

As for Stallone, he's no stranger to taking hits for the Rocky movies. In the interview he reveals that Rocky IV star Dolph Lundgren put Stallone in the hospital for four and a half days with his punch for the dead man walking scene. Stallone says, "He hit me so hard in the chest that the next thing I knew I was on a low-altitude flight to intensive care at St. John's Hospital surrounded by four nuns!" Sylvester Stallone on a plane with four nuns sounds like a great movie.