Hear The Beginning Of 'The Force Awakens' Score And Learn How BB-8 Got His Noises

While those lucky enough to attend the world premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens will see the film tonight (including our own Peter Sciretta), the rest of us will have to patiently wait three more days until the movie begins playing the evening of December 17th, before playing everywhere, all day, on thousands of screens on December 18th. And if you're impatiently waiting the arrival of the movie, but don't want to see anymore footage, then we have good news.

Last night's episode of 60 Minutes featured a look behind the scenes of The Force Awakens with J.J. Abrams. But what makes this peek behind the curtain even better is it features the first new music we've heard from The Force Awakens score by John Williams. And no, it's not the familiar theme that begins with the title, it's the music that plays right after the opening scroll is finished.

*SPOILER NOTE* If you don't want to watch any new footage, be warned that around 4:15 mark in the video, there's some new footage of Rey encountering the scavenger and his Luggabeast with BB-8 capture, speaking a foreign alien language. We've seen stills of this moment, but this is the first time we're seeing footage. The footage is seen in an editing bay visit and there are snippets here and there while Abrams talks about giving BB-8 his droid noises. You've been warned.

Here's the 60 Minutes Overtime segment on Star Wars: The Force Awakens from CBS:

As Abrams notes to the reporter on hand, fans will be studying this music very carefully, even though they won't be able to get their hands on it until December 18th. On Williams' work in the movie, Abrams says:

"It's almost cheating wen you have John Williams, because he writes feelings. He knows how to make your heart soar like no one else."

At 83 years old, Williams hasn't slowed down on the job, and he's still as lively as ever, calling everyone baby "like some kind of jazz guy," according to Abrams.

The segment also illustrates just how secretive the entire process of making The Force Awakens has been. During this particular recording session, Abrams began shooting some footage on his cell phone of Williams conducting the orchestra while they play some of the score. And so the 60 Minutes reporter on hand also did the same, until Disney stopped them immediately.

But the reporters were let in on some stuff we haven't seen yet, such as a scene with Rey rescuing BB-8 from a scavenger. And in this scene Abrams explains how they determined the sound of BB-8, and we actually get to see him making some decisions as to which specific sound should be used in the scene in question. Abrams said they wanted kids to be able to imitate BB-8 to some extent after the movie was over, and when you hear some more of the sounds the droid makes, you can picture some kids just being adorable by trying to make the ball droids cute little noises.

All this is from an extra segment at 60 Minutes Overtime, but if you want to watch the full, nearly 14-minute segment from the show that aired on TV last night, you can watch that right here:

Star Wars: The Force Awakens arrives in just three days.